On 1st May 2021 we welcomed back Cancer Society Auckland & Northland for a Jump For Cancer 2021 event. 32 brave fundraisers who reached their fundraising target have all taken the leap from 13,000ft on behalf of the Cancer Society Auckland & Cancer Society Northland. Participants chose to go even higher and skydive from 20,000ft, which is the highest tandem skydive in New Zealand with 85 seconds of freefall.

The Cancer Society provides a vital service to people living with cancer and relies on the generosity of fundraisers and donators to keep those services available. The event so far has raised a massive $51,721 which will help to create a future with less cancer. The top fundraiser of the event raised $4,390! We even had a team of fundraisers who drove down all the way from Cape Reinga to take the leap! 

The crowd of supporters and the atmosphere on this day was unforgettable and our entire team had a blast. Well done everyone!

Want to Skydive For Charity? Join an upcoming charity event day or fundraise for an ongoing charity campaign to skydive on your chosen date. Simply sign up via the charity page, fundraise the target amount, then skydive for free.